After four years of living in a village, I decided to ship out and move to the village. After years of making a mess out of the mid-west, I’m now a single gay man moving from a small town trying to make it in the media world… I struggle with cliches a lot. In my first months in the city I’ve started cultivating a solid group of friends, a great job, a drug addict boss, a self-destructive roommate, a sexually deviant friend/social rival, a personal drinking problem, and a non-existant track record in the dating department. Good start.

I know more about diners than fine dining, more about happy hours than life-long happiness, and more about fun than fundamental budget guidelines.

This blog serves as a space to document the travails of a reluctant wunderkind; a potential-addled upstart who’s always had the right skills but never bothered to use them… of course, until this instant.

Eat your heart out, Holden Caulfield.


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